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The Relic Longleaf Pine exists in rare, isolated pockets throughout the Southeastern States. When discovered, the trees appear muscular, stoic, and as dense as hardened steel. Escaping the blow of the ancient axe but often bearing the scars of wind and lightening, these living giants have stood as Sentinels of the South for 350 to 500 years, a testament to their toughness. Longleaf Pine have a graceful and beautiful form, with expansive crowns typifying mature trees. Native to Wiregrass Georgia, the Longleaf Pine is found along dry sugar-sand ridges bordering blackwater streams and swamps as well as within mesic flatwood environments. At its base live wax myrtle, saw palmetto, gall berry, wiregrass, and native blueberry. Many endangered species such as the gopher tortoise, panther, bobcat, black bear, the blue indigo snake, and the diamondback rattlesnake also thrive beneath these ancient canopies. Once spreading across 92 million acres from Southern Virginia to East Texas, the Longleaf Pine fosters one of the most biologically diverse ecosystems on earth.

Relic Pine Enterprises, LLC is a new-age company with age-old values. Like the Relic Pine, we stand for quality growth and endurance. Native to Wiregrass Georgia, we believe that meaningful and lasting investments prove more profitable when thoughtfully balanced with the principles of wildlife conservation and historic preservation. These attributes create destinations.

If your investment goals include infusing new life into an historic property, subdividing excess land, purchasing real estate, building a quiet “Cracker Shack” in the woods, or marketing the innumerable recreational opportunities found in Wiregrass Georgia, let Relic Pine’s Native Intelligence be your guide. A Wiregrass Georgia Real Estate & Development Company. Promoting sound investment in history, land, people, and communities.