The Georgia Trust offers educational and hands-on assistance to provide African American sites with successful tools for preservation.

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In recent years, we received an unprecedented number of nominations for African American sites for the Places in Peril program, and we continue to receive inquiries to assist African American historic sites in Georgia. In order to support this growing demand, the Trust has shifted our efforts to meet current preservation needs.

The Georgia Trust has entered a phase of activism preserving African American sites in the state. By employing the resources of Georgia’s historic built environment, we can bring relevance of history to help save African American history in Georgia.

We host workshops focused on preserving Georgia’s African American resources, heighten our preservation services to African American Places in Peril sites, and continue with a specific focus in our other programs, including the Revolving Fund and Preservation Easement programs.

Featured projects include Fountain Hall, a National Historic Landmark; West Hunter Street Baptist, which is monitored by a Trust easement; and the Eleanor Roosevelt School, the last constructed Rosenwald School, which is undergoing restoration by its new owners, Aquaponics.

Workshops on Preserving Georgia’s African American Resources

The Georgia Trust has developed virtual workshops on preserving Georgia’s African American Resources. Held in partnership with the Georgia African American Historic Preservation Network (GAAHPN), these workshops include topics on major themes and issues for historic African American resources, fundraising strategies and planning, and technical preservation assistance and other key issues.

Our next workshop will be:

Non-profits 101
Tuesday, February 27
10 a.m. – 12 p.m.

To see more on this and upcoming workshops, visit our Historic Preservation Institute page

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West Atlanta Preservation Initiative

The West Atlanta Preservation Initiative was a pilot initiative developed to promote revitalization in endangered historic neighborhoods in Atlanta and create affordable housing opportunities through sustainable rehabilitation. We are excited to report that our first two homes have completed successful rehabilitations and were sold under the current market rate to owners who meet the Area Median Income, successfully achieving affordable housing in West Atlanta.

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Resources for historic African American resources

The Georgia Trust has compiled a short list of additional resources that can be helpful for preserving Georgia’s historic African American sites. This includes financial resources like grants as well as technical and informational resources. Download a copy below.


Expanded Preservation Services to Places in Peril

The Georgia Trust received an unprecedented number of nominations of African American sites for the Places in Peril program in 2019 and continues to receive inquiries to assist historic sites in Georgia including Rosenwald Schools, urban and rural black churches, arts and cultural sites, enslavement sites and Civil Rights sites.

In order to support this growing demand, the Trust will shift its efforts to meet current preservation needs. There is a tremendous lack of support for African American sites, and with funding from the Williams Family Foundation and the National Trust Preservation Fund, we are determined to change that.

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