Preservation Success: Sayre-Alford House

In the heart of Sparta, Georgia, nestled amidst a tapestry of historic homes, stands the exquisite Sayre-Alford House, a beacon of timeless elegance and a symbol of The Georgia Trust’s unwavering commitment to preserving the state’s rich architectural heritage. This year marks a significant milestone for The Georgia Trust, as we celebrate five decades of dedicated preservation efforts, and what better way to commemorate this journey than by revisiting one of our most notable success stories – the rehabilitation of the Sayre-Alford House.

Constructed in 1839, the Sayre-Alford House is a prime example of Greek Revival architecture, boasting a central hall plan, six bedrooms, and an astonishing twelve fireplaces. As the years rolled by, this architectural gem bore witness to the changing tides of history, and it eventually came under the protective wing of The Georgia Trust through our Revolving Fund Program.

In the fall of 2015, the Georgia Trust identified preservation-minded buyers, and the Sayre-Alford House was purchased by new owners, with plans to return the property to its former glory. The list of improvements made is evidence of the meticulous care and dedication with which this project was executed. The exterior of the house received much-needed attention with the installation of a new gutter system, ensuring the protection of its structural integrity. Positive grading was employed to safeguard the foundation and ensure proper drainage, an essential element in the preservation of historic homes.

Furthermore, the windows received new panes and shutters, restoring their timeless charm and character. The interior was not left untouched, with a transformation that included the removal of asbestos tile and the restoration of the original pine floors in the main hall. Bathrooms and kitchens were tastefully remodeled to align modern convenience with historic grandeur.

One of the most significant improvements was the installation of blown-in insulation and modern HVAC units throughout all three levels of the house, ensuring that the Sayre-Alford House could stand the test of time and comfortably accommodate future generations.

The rehabilitation of the Sayre-Alford House was a remarkable success that deserved to be shared and celebrated. In 2016, The Georgia Trust featured this iconic house as part of its Expedition to Sparta, a testament to the house’s significance and the Trust’s commitment to showcasing the beauty of Georgia’s architectural heritage.

Moreover, in 2017, the Sayre-Alford House received a prestigious Preservation Award for Excellence in Rehabilitation from the Georgia Trust, further underscoring the significance and success of this project. The property is also protected in perpetuity by a conservation easement held by the Georgia Trust, ensuring the home is safeguarded for generations to come.

As we celebrate our 50th anniversary, the story of the Sayre-Alford House stands as a shining example of the work of the Georgia Trust in half a century of tireless dedication to preservation. The Sayre-Alford House is a living testament to the power of preservation and the enduring beauty of historic architecture.

We invite you to join us in celebrating not only the success of this remarkable project but the larger mission of The Georgia Trust, which continues to protect and celebrate Georgia’s architectural history, ensuring that these treasures will be appreciated and enjoyed for generations to come. Thank you for being a part of our journey, and here’s to another 50 years of preservation excellence!

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