Preservation Success: Amis-Hunter-Jarrell House

The Amis-Hunter-Jarrell House, located in Senoia, was constructed in the 1830s by William Tidwell as a Federal-style Georgian cottage before selling the property in 1840. In 1844, it was purchased by Joseph Amis, who lived there until 1890 when he deeded the farm to Joseph Haynes and his wife, Susan. The property changed owners several times before R.E. and Leonard Hunter purchased it in 1947 for their parents. In 1992, the home went through the Georgia Trust’s Revolving Fund program. It was purchased by Frank and Marion Jarrell, who completed a full rehabilitation of the home. Significant for its unique architecture, the Amis-Hunter-Jarrell House was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1997.

Amis-Hunter-Jarrell House, before rehabilitation.

Today, the legacy of this remarkable house continues, protected by the vigilant watch of a conservation easement held by the Georgia Trust. Subsequent owners have upheld the tradition of excellence, ensuring that the home remains a shining example of historic preservation.

As we celebrate the triumphant story of the Amis-Hunter-Jarrell House, we also celebrate the Georgia Trust’s commitment to leading preservation efforts in Georgia for fifty years. Our Revolving Fund program has breathed new life into countless treasures, ensuring that the past is not just remembered but cherished, and that historic properties like the Amis-Hunter-Jarrell House continue to inspire and enchant us. To learn more about this remarkable journey and the vital programs that empower the Georgia Trust to protect and preserve Georgia’s significant properties, check out the video below, where the current owners share their passion for this historical treasure.

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