Weaver- Dallas House

Thomaston - Upson County

The earliest iteration of the Weaver-Dallas House dates to the 1820s, as a one-room house and separate doctor shop, making it the oldest house in Thomaston. Additions in the 1830s and 1840s created a 1 ½ story cottage with Federal and Classical Revival elements. Stepping on site today reveals that not much has changed since then. The property, which includes two smoke houses and a 1930s carport, is as close to a time capsule of Georgia history as one may find today. The house has been in the same family since it was purchased by Travis Weaver in 1840. Since 1991, Dr. Mary Williams has been the owner and caretaker of the house, inheriting the property from her aunt. Dr. Williams represents the fourth generation of independent female ownership of the property, a proud lineage that has kept the house in good hands for more than half of its 200 years. During her stewardship of the property, Dr. Williams has painstakingly studied and documented the history of her family, preserving many antiques, artifacts and original features in the house. Modern upgrades have ensured the safety and comfort of the house for years to come, but the dedication of Mary and her family has preserved a wonderful piece of Georgia’s history.

Excellence in Stewardship Awards recognize those who ensure the preservation of historic properties through long-term care and maintenance, stabilization, protection or continuous family ownership.