The Visitors Club

Brunswick - Glynn County

Designed in the Spanish Revival style by noted architect Francis L. Abreu, the Visitors Club was constructed in 1931 as a tourist welcome center for the Brunswick Board of Trade. Used as a welcome center until 2012, the building faced deterioration until a collaborative preservation effort revived its historic charm. Initiated in 2019 by the Visitors Club Preservation Fund, the City of Brunswick and the Torras Foundation, the preservation project aimed at restoring the building’s original design. The project included roof repairs, window reglazing and reconstructing deteriorated elements, including porch railings and the iconic weathervane that sat on the cupola of the building. Original light fixtures were cleaned and rewired and the wood trim on the exterior was repainted its original color. For decades, the Visitors Club has welcomed both visitors and residents of St. Simons Island. The restoration of this historic landmark resonates with community members and visitors alike as a source of pride for the people of Brunswick.

Awards for Excellence in Restoration recognize exemplary restoration of historic structures. An accurate restoration project depicts the form, features and character of a historic building as it appeared at a particular period of time. Restoration requires sensitive upgrading of mechanical systems and other code-required work to make the site functional.