Standard Building

Macon - Bibb County
c. 1878

Macon, Bibb County

Built in 1878, the Standard Building has been a fixture in the downtown Macon commercial area, serving as home to piano shops, music halls, bicycle shops and furniture stores. The building experienced a fire in 1939 where after changes were made to the exterior of the building and again in the 1980’s with metal and plate glass storefronts. Damaste Real Estate began the rehabilitation work began in 2013 and experienced an unusual setback in 2015 when a bus unexpectedly exploded on Cotton Avenue as part of a movie filming. The resulting fireball damaged the building; however, the production company paid for repairs. The finished project created 12 loft units on the second and third floors and retail space on the ground. This project used the State Preferential Tax Assessment Program for Rehabilitated Property and has been approved for $300,000 in Georgia income tax credits through the tax credit program.