Security Federal Bank

Augusta - Richmond County

The Uptown Branch of the Old Georgia Railroad Bank, a striking Beaux-Arts masonry structure dating to 1924, served as Augusta’s inaugural branch bank. Despite facing downtown’s decline, it remained a pivotal business until 1991, transitioning to the Augusta Genealogical Society headquarters. In 2019, Security Federal Bank acquired the building, embarking on a thorough rehabilitation project. Preserving its historic charm, the Broad Street façade retained its original design, while interior renovation reinstated features like marble floors and teller carrels. Notable efforts included reclaiming the original ceiling height and restoring the drive-through with remote teller machines. Utilizing tax credits, this rehabilitation converted this historic structure back to its original use, providing the city with a business that strengthens the downtown economy while serving as a physical reminder of its economic resilience.

The Marguerite Williams Award is presented annually to the project that has had the greatest impact on preservation in the state.