Rudy York House

Cartersville - Bartow County

An example of an American Small House, the Rudy York House was home to World Series champion Rudy York for over 32 years. Built in 1938, the home stands as a testament to both his baseball legacy and Native American heritage. The property faced demolition threats due to area redevelopment, but proactive ownership secured its preservation. The project, guided by the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation, meticulously rehabilitated much of the home’s exterior and interior. Exterior renovations included restoring porch arches and railings similar to those found in historic photographs and masonry repairs on the chimneys. Inside, restoration work ranged from the bathroom’s tile wainscoting to hardwood flooring and kitchen refurbishment, all while updating essential systems. In addition to safeguarding York’s legacy, this rehabilitation has adaptively reused the home to house an office. 

Excellence in Rehabilitation Awards recognize projects that make compatible use of a building through repair, alterations or additions while preserving features of the property that convey its historic value.