Hembree Farmhouse

Roswell - Fulton County

The Roswell Historical Society and the dedicated efforts of property owners Brandy and Jared Kirschner have demonstrated exceptional stewardship in preserving the historic Hembree Farmhouse. Built circa 1835, the farmhouse holds deep historical significance, being one of Fulton County’s oldest surviving homes and part of Roswell’s early settlement. The Roswell Historical Society worked to preserve the property for many years, overseeing its relocation due to a road widening project and keeping significant architectural features protected from the elements. Partnering with the Georgia Trust, the Historical Society ensured its continued preservation through a protected sale to new owners, Brandy and Jared Kirschner. Recognizing its significance, the Kirschners dedicated themselves to its full rehabilitation. Their hands-on approach allowed for the careful preservation of original architectural features.

The Kirschners’ commitment, supported by the Roswell community and Historical Society, upheld the home’s legacy. Through everyone’s perseverance and collaborative spirit, the Hembree Farmhouse remains a tangible testament to Roswell’s rich heritage.

Excellence in Stewardship Awards recognize those who ensure the preservation of historic properties through long-term care and maintenance, stabilization, protection or continuous family ownership.