Grantville Passenger Depot

Grantville - Coweta County

The Grantville Passenger Depot was constructed in 1895 by the Atlanta and Westpoint Railway. It ceased being used for passenger service by the middle of the twentieth century and ownership was transferred to the city. The building was re-purposed as the police station and offices before sitting vacant for a number of years. In 2018, with the appropriation of SPLOST funding, Grantville initiated the rehabilitation of the building for a combination community meeting space and visitor information center. The first phase of the project consisted of the rehabilitation of the building’s exterior. Original windows were refurbished and reinstalled, and the siding and trim were repainted to reflect the historic color scheme as determined through paint analysis. The roof was replaced with a pressed tin shingle replicated from historic photos. The second phase focused on the full rehabilitation of the interior. Missing historic elements were restored including two ticket windows and a period coal stove in the waiting room. This project has set a standard for rehabilitation work in downtown Grantville, and sets a strong example for other municipalities to follow with their own historic buildings.

The Chairman’s Award is presented at the sole discretion of the Georgia Trust Chairman of the Board of Trustees to recognize extraordinary efforts contributing to the preservation of Georgia’s historic resources.