Alan Kachur

Alan has been a passionate volunteer, enthusiastic about sharing with others his love for Rhodes Hall. He has been involved with the Trust for over 15 years, working as event staff for Rhodes Hall and volunteering his time to give tours of the building. When the Georgia Trust began offering our Legends and Lore at Rhodes Hall event during Halloween, Alan stepped in to offer tours, donning a full costume as the Rhodes family’s butler for extra effect. He has no trouble creating an eerie atmosphere for guests, tapping into his other passion,  acting. In addition, since the Trust has started back regular tours of Rhodes Hall, Alan has been giving his time on Saturdays to engage visitors eager to learn more about the history of the “Castle on Peachtree.” Alan has a demanding schedule but chooses to spend his free time volunteering at Rhodes Hall, insisting on nothing in return. His efforts have been indispensable and his commitment to service has been an immense help to the Georgia Trust.

Since 1978, The Georgia Trust has recognized a volunteer of the year with the Camille W. Yow Award, which is named in honor of a longtime volunteer and its first recipient.