Sugar Valley Consolidated School

Sugar Valley - Gordon County


Built in 1927 by architect-builder W. Laurens Hillhouse, the Sugar Valley Consolidated School operated as a public school for the children of Gordon County. Built of indigenous Knox Chert and known for its unique construction, the Sugar Valley Consolidated School became an enduring symbol of the town’s dedication to learning. The school was established by an act of the Georgia Legislature, written specifically to benefit Sugar Valley, to eliminate independent school systems. It operated for almost 50 years before closing its doors in 1974.  The property is now owned by Gordon County and has most recently operated as a community center, voting precinct and events space. There is an active alumni association, which has worked with Gordon County to make minor repairs to the school and is dedicated to its maintenance and continued use.


Deemed unsafe by the County, the Board of Commissioners has announced a plan to demolish the school to construct a fire station. Despite the alumni association’s commitment and earmarked SPLOST funds for repairs, efforts appear to be redirected to other county projects. The threat to this historic school is imminent, jeopardizing the preservation of its rich history and significance to the community.

Images by Tess Little and Rich Sainato/MotorSportMedia