Sandersville School

Sandersville - Washington County
c. 1939

The Story

Constructed in 1939 as part of the Public Works Administration, the Sandersville High School was designed by William J.J. Chase, a noted Georgia architect. The single-story, red brick building originally housed the town’s high school, elementary school, administration offices, library and 600-seat auditorium. In 1960, a new county-wide high school was completed and Sandersville High School officially became Sandersville Elementary School, housing grades 1-8.

The Threat

The building was vacated in 2008, and since then, neglect, a lack of maintenance and potential vandalism has continued to threaten the building. Additionally, extensive damage occurred during the winter of 2014 due to a pipe that froze and burst. A cooperative effort between the State Property Commission, the Board of Education, local government and concerned citizens gathered some momentum to rehabilitate the building to serve as a community center, but a concrete plan for this remains elusive. The Georgia Trust will help formulate such a plan.