Red Oak Creek Covered Bridge

Woodbury - Meriwether County

The Story

The Red Oak Creek Covered Bridge was built in the 1840s by Horace King or his son. Born into enslavement on a South Carolina plantation, Horace King was able to travel freely and was widely respected as a builder and engineer, constructing dozens of bridges in Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi. The Red Oak Creek Bridge is the only bridge connected to Horace King that is still in use, attracting hundreds of visitors each year.

The Threat

Because the Red Oak Creek bridge has remained open to traffic, there is a consistent threat of damage to the structure. A recent accident damaged several structural braces inside the bridge. With its popularity, the bridge provides an opportunity for improved heritage tourism, greater access for recreation and continued appreciation of history, but first, further protection of the bridge is necessary to ensure its continued longevity.

Images by Halston Pitman & Walter Sippel | MotorSportMedia