Pine Log Mountain

Rydal and White - Bartow County


Pine Log Mountain, a privately owned wilderness area in Bartow County, is the site of historic resources representing three significant phases of Georgia’s history: a Woodlands Era rock wall and more than two dozen burial cairns, all built by indigenous peoples; four 1840s-era stone iron furnaces used for mining before and after the Civil War; and the remains of the Sugar Hill Convict Labor Camp, where events that took place served as a catalyst for the Georgia Legislature ending its convict lease system in 1909. Remnants of complicated Southern history exist throughout Pine Log Mountain, and this space serves as a frame of reference for understanding Georgia‚Äôs history.


Today, the historic sites that rest on Pine Log Mountain are threatened by demolition. The private property is up for sale following the end of a lease to the Department of Natural Resources. Bartow County plans to rezone much of the property from agricultural to low-density housing, high-density housing and industrial mining. Many of the historic resources have not been surveyed, and there is no preservation plan currently in place to protect these historic sites.