Hudson-Nash House and Cemetery

Lilburb - Gwinnett County

The Story

Thomas P. Hudson, a Georgia legislator in the 1850s and 1860s, moved his family from South Carolina to Gwinnett County in 1839. There he purchased 542 acres and built a Plantation Plain Style house with folk Victorian elements. Other structures on the property served as a post office, general store, and a small school for residents of the nearby Yellow River community. Hudson allowed a local guard group to practice on his property and provided his community with food and necessities during the Civil War. A family cemetery is maintained adjacent to the rear of the house, and contains gravesites for Hudson, his family and slaves.

The Threat

The original 542-acre tract has been divided, and most it has been developed over the years. The privately owned and poorly maintained Hudson-Nash House and the Hudson family cemetery are threatened by encroaching development. Alternatives to demolition, sub-division and development are being sought in order to preserve the historic structures and five acres of property that remain.