Church of the Good Shepherd

Thomasville - Thomas County


Constructed in 1894, the Church of the Good Shepherd in Thomasville is an example of an enduring commitment to African American religious expression, education and social enrichment in the South. The site includes both a classroom and library that functioned from 1896 to 1964 and was also the site of Thomasville’s first African American Boy Scout troop. Today, the Church provides vital social services by maintaining a food pantry, soup kitchen and community garden.


Neighborhood disinvestment and demographic shifts have left the Church of the Good Shepherd without its large congregation to support the upkeep of the church and its valued social services. Major repairs on the site have been deferred, and the historic buildings have begun to deteriorate, leaving all three buildings in peril. A commitment to preservation is required of the broader community to assist the Church in its effort to maintain its buildings and its history of service.