University of Georgia Historic Preservation Master Plan

Athens - Clarke County

In November 2018, the University of Georgia adopted a Historic Preservation Master Plan after recognizing the need to effectively manage all of the institution’s cultural resources and improve university-wide preservation policy. The master plan creates a framework to preserve the integrity of the University’s cultural resources, which include a wide variety of landscapes, buildings, structures, and archaeological sites statewide. In order to understand the history of these varied resources, as well as to assess their condition, integrity and significance, the current project involved extensive review of archival documentation, field work and the creation of a comprehensive inventory. This inventory ultimately documented 772 buildings and 55 landscapes in 10 Georgia counties. The plan now serves as a tool for decision-makers, facilities managers and designers to care for and address planning and design issues in the context of growth and change. The plan helps to reinforce and improve stewardship, unity, and cohesion, enhancing the overall campus environment and providing a clear and transparent process which is front-loaded into the decision-making process. We applaud the University of Georgia for taking steps to be proactive about preservation on their campuses and serving as an example to others.

Preservation Service awards recognize persons, groups, businesses and/or government entities that demonstrate exemplary activities and promotion of awareness in the field of historic preservation.