Grace Quinn


Since 1978, The Georgia Trust has recognized a volunteer of the year with the Camille W. Yow Award, named after the long-time volunteer who was the first award recipient.

Over the years, Grace has assisted with gala decorations and serves on the Rhodes Hall Landscape committee. Additionally, she is instrumental in coordinating the long standing relationship between The Georgia Trust and our neighbors in the Sherwood Forest Garden Club. Each December, when the club decorates Rhodes Hall for the holidays, Grace coordinates the effort, organizes volunteers, plans for new decorations, and returns at the end of the holiday season to make sure everything is packed away properly. Her work with the Garden Club also is visible outside, where Grace can often be found tending to the plantings and volunteering during workdays. Grace helped raise money for the Brumby rocking chairs on the Rhodes Hall front porch and for the roses in the front yard. Grace and her husband Bill are long time members of The Georgia Trust, and regularly attend Rambles and events, but without her quiet behind the scenes work, our organization could not have the continued success that make these events possible.