Masonic Lodge #238

c. 1915

The Story

Masonic Lodge #238 stands at what was once a thriving commercial intersection at the heart of Dalton’s African American community. Featuring distinctive details, the lodge, built in 1915, offered commercial space on the ground floor while the second floor served as the Masonic meeting hall for African American members. The lodge formed a vital part of the fabric of a small but vibrant community that included a doctor’s office, a beauty shop, a funeral parlor, and school.

The Threat                         

The building has deteriorated significantly in recent years, leading to a loss of much of the interior. Stabilization of the structure is urgent to enable its potential rehabilitation. With recent growth in downtown Dalton, including a museum in the former school across the street, there is hope and support throughout the city for saving the lodge.

Images by MotorSportMedia | Rich Sainato