Mandeville Homestead

Carrollton - Carroll County
c. 1890

The Story

L.C. Mandeville, son of an early pioneer family in Carroll County, built this home on land purchased from his father, Appleton, in 1890. The Queen Anne Victorian was the first house in the area with indoor plumbing and electricity. The residential home was converted for commercial use in the 1960s, and most notably served as a restaurant called The Maple Street Mansion which catered to generations of Carrollton residents, as well as students from West Georgia College. The original building was expanded to include a sports bar, meeting rooms, and an event space.

The Threat

The Mandeville Homestead has been vacant for several years and is showing signs of neglect. When the Maple Street Historic District was formed in 1988, the property was not included in the district and therefore is not subject to Carrollton’s Historic Preservation Ordinance. Current plans are for the demolition of the original structure unless new tenants and funding for rehabilitation can be identified. Knowledge of tax incentives and local activism could play a key role in saving this local landmark.