Hawkes Children’s Library

Jackson - Butts County
c. 1924

The Story

Albert King Hawkes was an inventor, optometrist and philanthropist who advocated the construction of libraries in rural towns in Georgia. The Hawkes Childrens’ Library in Jackson is one of only six Hawkes libraries in the state. Designed in 1924 by prominent Atlanta architect J. Neel Reid, the building served as the Butts County Library from 1925 to 1992. After 1992 the building was used as county offices for several years.

The Threat

The Hawkes Library was abandoned in 2006, and deferred maintenance led to a roof collapse that destroyed most of the interior. After the collapse, the county set a demolition date for the building, but efforts by the city halted its destruction at the last minute. The roof has since been replaced, but the interior of the building remains in shambles. While the structure has been stabilized, the city currently does not have the funds to fully restore the library.