East Point Historic Civic Block

East Point - Fulton County
c. 1930s

The Story

East Point City Hall, City Auditorium, City Library and Victory Park form a contiguous block that has been the heart of downtown East Point since the 1930s. City Hall, an example of Federal Revival architecture, features a white columned porch and a cupola with a clock and bell. The City Auditorium, a unique venue in the area, was used for a wide variety of community events including vaudeville shows, graduations, musicals and town council meetings. The library was built in 1939 as a project of the New Deal’s Public Works Administration and still contains much of its original interior. Victory Park serves as a memorial to fallen East Point veterans; it contains gas lamps, tall magnolia trees and a World War II era cannon.

The Threat

The East Point City Hall still houses city offices, but its use is limited. The City Auditorium was closed to the public in 2011 and has sustained roof damage leading to interior water damage. The library, closed since the 1990s, is currently used as storage space by the city. The civic block is situated in an area of East Point that is seeing renewed calls for private development. With no plans for protection and the constant threat of demolition through neglect, the future for these historic buildings remains uncertain.