Georgia Trust Partners with Georgia Theatre in Athens to Establish Rehabilitation Fund

ATLANTA, Aug. 20, 2009—The Georgia Trust recently partnered with owners of the Georgia Theatre to set up a fund dedicated to the rehabilitation of the historic theater in Athens that was destroyed by fire in late June.
The Georgia Theatre Rehabilitation Fund is set up through The Georgia Trust, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Donations received by The Georgia Trust are tax-deductible and will be placed in a restricted account to be used solely for the purposes of rehabilitating the historic theater. The Trust will disperse funds to the owners of the Georgia Theatre upon receiving invoices showing actual costs of the rehabilitation. These costs will include construction costs, and architectural and engineering fees.

“The Georgia Trust is pleased to act as a fiscal agent to accept donations for the rehabilitation of the Georgia Theatre. Donations can be made to The Georgia Trust, and we will insure that the funds are spent solely for the purpose of rehabilitating this historic building in downtown Athens,” said Mark C. McDoanld, President and CEO of the Trust.

“Fans and artists from all over the world have reached out offering to help us save this truly magical and historic building. Our partnership with the Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation will make it possible for us to revive the Georgia Theatre in a manner that will ensure its storied legacy. Athens just wouldn’t be the same without it,” said Georgia Theatre owner Wilmot Greene.

Donations to the Georgia Theater Rehabilitation Fund can be sent to The Georgia Trust at:  The Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation, Georgia Theatre Rehabilitation Fund, Attn: Kate Ryan, 1516 Peachtree St., NW, Atlanta, GA  30309.
For more information about the Georgia Theater Rehabilitation Fund, contact Kate Ryan, programs manager for the Trust, at 404-885-7817 or

About the Georgia Theatre
The Georgia Theatre is a music venue in downtown Athens, Georgia.  Since its construction in the 1890s, the building served as a YMCA, a furniture store, and several other businesses before becoming a movie theatre in the 1930s.  Its unique art deco facade has changed very little since then.  The Georgia Theatre became a music venue in the late 1970s, quickly emerging as a cornerstone of the world-renowned Athens music scene.  Legendary artists like The Police, Dave Matthews Band, Widespread Panic, and more recently David Bryne and Beck have played memorable shows in this historic venue.  The Georgia Theatre remains a favorite of bands and music lovers for its intimate charm and epic concerts.

About The Georgia Trust
Founded in 1973, The Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation is one of the country’s largest statewide, non-profit preservation organizations.
Committed to preserving and enhancing Georgia’s communities and their diverse historic resources for the education and enjoyment of all, the Trust generates community revitalization by acquiring endangered properties and finding appropriate buyers for them; provides design assistance and encourages neighborhood revitalization in 102 Georgia Main Street cities; trains teachers in 63 Georgia school systems to engage students to discover state and national history through local historic resources; and advocates for funding, tax incentives and other laws aiding preservation efforts.  For more information about the Trust, visit

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