Rhodes Hall Event Staff – Atlanta, GA

The Rhodes Hall Event Staff is responsible for management, safety, and security of Rhodes Hall during the rental event on the day of the event. With this responsibility comes the enforcement of all rules and policies for renters, caterers, other vendors, and guests, to ensure that Rhodes Hall is protected and respected at all times. At least two special event staff members will be present at most events, along with at least one security guard.

Reports to: Rhodes Hall Events Director

Training For Event Staff:

  • Read Rhodes Hall rental contract and addendum to familiarize yourself with rules and policies that renters must abide by for events. As Event Staff, you are responsible for enforcing these rules to all renters, guests, and outside vendors present.
  • Read Rhodes Hall catering rules to familiarize yourself with rules and policies that our approved and outside caterers must abide by for events. As Event Staff, you are responsible for enforcing these rules to the caterers.
  • Know the basic historical information about Rhodes Hall for anyone who might ask you about it (and they will).
  • Read the Standard Operating Procedures for the building to familiarize yourself with opening and closing procedures for the building, and proper use of the building while you are here.


  • Arrive at the house at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled opening time listed on the schedule for the event, unless other arrangements have been made with the Rhodes Hall Events Director for your schedule.
  • Unlock doors, turn on lights, and open house for event set-up, according to SOP.
  • Read event sheet, notes, and floor plans for event to familiarize with the details for that event.
  • Introduce yourself to vendors and renters as they arrive at Rhodes Hall, and assist them with orientation of the building, any set-up, event, or clean-up details they need to be aware of, and general questions.
  • Perform duties listed on event checklist for set-up.
  • Once event checklist is complete, assist the caterers with any table and chair set-up that needs to be completed.
  • Check-in with renters, if they are present during set-up, and assist with any personal set-up they may have for the event, if you have time and are able.
  • Throughout set-up, event, and clean-up, enforce the rules stipulated in the rental contract at all times.
  • Serve as the principle contact for the renter, caterer, and other vendors during the event. Circulate the event space and office levels at various times throughout the event to ensure that the house is in good condition, the event is running smoothly, and that guests are in the event space and not wandering around upstairs unauthorized.
  • If there is damage to the house, furniture, or property, fill out the damage report form located in the timesheet book. Notify the Rhodes Hall Events Director of damage when it happens or is found. The renter is responsible for any damage done to the house or property during their rental, even if it is done by one of our approved caterers or another vendor or guest.
  • If someone injures themselves, be sure they are okay and stabilized first. Call for emergency services if necessary. Fill out the incident report form located in the timesheet book. In case of emergency contact the Rhodes Hall Events Director for assistance. In all cases, notify the Rhodes Hall Events Director of the injury, either during the event, or immediately after.
  • Share details on the history of the house when requested by guests.
  • Coordinate with renters, caterers, and vendors to ensure that the event ends on time and clean-up begins as scheduled. Extreme time overages will result in the loss of the renter’s security deposit and possibly further charges depending on the amount of time.
  • Perform duties listed on the event checklist for clean-up.
  • Check out caterers before they leave and ensure they have fully cleaned their areas and completed their duties on the checklist.
  • Ensure that event space, house, and property are clean and in order for next event or business day. Do not leave a mess for someone else to clean up the next day! Take extra time if necessary to ensure that this is complete.
  • Ensure that no one else is in the building or on the property, turn off lights as instructed, lock all doors, and set the alarm as you leave the building.

Qualifications: Excellent interpersonal and customer service skills, and prior experience working with the public. High school education required. Previous employment in or involvement with hospitality industry is preferred. Must be able to climb stairs, lift and move some furniture and event equipment, and handle potentially stressful situations and high maintenance people with a calm and orderly demeanor and manner. Must have valid driver’s license. Appreciation of historic properties is preferred.

Schedule: Flexible schedule is extremely important. Most events are on the weekends- Friday/Saturday/Sunday, and most events are in the evening (typical schedule of 3pm-11pm or 4pm-12pm), but we do have some events on weeknights- Monday-Thursday after 5pm. Other work schedules can be accommodated during the week within reason. Busy seasons for Events are Fall- September-November, and Spring- April-June. May be asked to work several weekends during these months. Availability to work holiday weekends, such as Memorial Day and Labor Day, is a definite plus, although we do not have events on any major holidays, so you would be guaranteed to have the actual holiday off.

Compensation: Part-time position, $13.00 per hour; all staff are paid on the 30th of each month, direct deposit is available.

To apply: Click here for an application or send resume to events@georgiatrust.org.