Major Pelham Hotel

Pelham - Mitchell County
179 Mathewson Avenue, Pelham, GA 31779
c. 1907
$1,000 (in addition to rehabilitation costs)

The Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation is offering the Major Pelham Hotel in Pelham, GA for sale to a qualified developer willing to undertake the rehabilitation of this historic building. This sale will be made subject to a historic conservation easement and preservation agreement. In addition, The Georgia Trust will require the following:

  1. A written, detailed description of the proposed project, to include use, cost estimates for rehabilitation, a financing plan, and a pro forma of the proposed development that reflects accurate operating expenses and income adequate to support the economic viability of the project.
  2. A statement of relevant past projects that demonstrate the ability of the developer to successfully rehabilitate and manage a development of similar scale.
  3. A letter of credit and/or references from a financial institution showing adequate resources to complete the project.
  4. A written acknowledgement of the conditions for the sale of the Major Pelham Hotel, including acceptance of the terms of the Conservation Easement and Preservation Agreement, as well as acknowledgment that the property cannot be assigned to a third party without the express written permission of The Georgia Trust.

Only comprehensive development proposals will be considered.

About the Major Pelham Hotel

The Major Pelham Hotel was built in 1907. It is a contributing structure within the Pelham Commercial Historic District, listed in the National Register of Historic Places. It is a red brick Italianate Commercial style building. Vacant for a number of years, the hotel features spaces formerly used as retail storefronts, a banquet room, a private apartment and a large lobby area on the first floor. The second floor features approximately 30 guest rooms, with several bathrooms off a central hall. Reconfiguration of rooms to incorporate modern amenities will be necessary. The building has sustained significant damage and will require reconstruction of some portions of the exterior wall and roofing system. Period details that remain include doors, trim, stair and railing, and some mantles.

The Major Pelham Hotel offers approximately 13,250 square feet and sits on 0.3 acres. The property is currently zoned for commercial use and includes 106 feet of street frontage.

About Pelham:

Pelham, GA is a city in southwest Georgia in Mitchell County, with a population of approximately 3,500. It is approximately 38 miles south of Albany and 26 miles north of Thomasville.

About The Georgia Trust

The Georgia Trust is a nonprofit statewide preservation organization. The Revolving Fund program was established to provide effective alternatives to demolition or neglect of architecturally and historically significant properties by promoting their rehabilitation and monitoring their preservation in perpetuity. All properties sold through this program have conservation easements in place to ensure the historic integrity of the property is retained.  Additionally, buyers are required to sign a Rehabilitation Agreement and all work done to the property must abide by the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation. Copies of these documents will be provided by The Georgia Trust for review.

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