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Public education in Georgia is going through some exciting changes, and The Georgia Trust's Talking Walls program for heritage education is committed to assisting educators as they transition to new teaching standards.

Talking Walls Heard Statewide

Sidewalk art: A student draws one of Jesup's historic houses as part of Preservation Week.

A recipient of a Governor's Award in the Humanities, the Talking Walls heritage education program has trained more than 1,700 teachers, who have reach more than 370,000 students in 63 school systems in 51 Georgia counties since 1991. The program's teacher workshops and ongoing local support trains educators to use local historic resources such as photos, maps, oral histories and historic buildings as teaching tools in Georgia's mandated curriculum.

More than 1,765 teachers representing 63 school systems in 54 Georgia counties have been trained through our program's recertification workshops, which emphasize hands-on activities that encourage learning by doing. In turn, these trained teachers incorporate local historic resources into their lessons, including social studies, language arts, and visual arts. Through these teachers, the program has reached more than 371,950 students.

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To learn more about the Talking Walls program or inquire about training opportunities for your school system, call 404-885-7817.

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