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Harmony Church was purchased by Tammy and Gerald Northcutt in June 2003.

While the pews and pulpit will be removed, most of the building will remain in its original form.

In June 2003, Harmony Universalist Church transformed from Church to Home at the hands of new owners.

Harmony Church was constructed in 1896 by a Universalist congregation that arrived in Coweta County from South Carolina in the 1850s. Located in Senoia, Ga., the 107-year-old church was last used regularly in the 1980s, though several groups have since rented it temporarily. In 2002, The Georgia Trust received the church as a donation from the last surviving members of the congregation.

The need for roof repairs led the few remaining members to seek out The Georgia Trust to make repairs and to ensure the historical integrity of the church in the future.

Tammy and Gerald Northcutt of Riverdale, the new owners of Harmony Church, were looking for a good restoration project, and they found one in Harmony Universalist Church.

“Mr. Northcutt is a former pastor, and the couple was active in preservation work when they lived in New York,” said Mandy Elliott, Revolving Fund coordinator, “so restoring an old church to use as a home made perfect sense for them.”

The church, which sits on 1.3 acres, is a good example of vernacular religious architecture. Its 1,450 square feet includes sanctuary, foyer and two bathrooms. The interior is paneled entirely in wood. The building has original windows, doors and hardwood floors.

The Northcutts removed the pews and pulpit, keeping most of the building the same, adding only a few walls to form bedrooms.

The Newnan-Coweta Historical Society recognized the Northcutts for their preservation and restoration of the church, which was featured on HGTV in 2004.

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