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Georgians for Preservation Action (GaPA) is the statewide coordinating council for historic preservation advocacy. Since its founding in 1987, GaPA has advocated laws, programs, and policies that promote the preservation of Georgia’s historic resources by mobilizing grassroots preservationists across the state.

Among its activities, GaPA:

  • Annually develops and advocates a legislative agenda that represents a consensus of the leaders of key preservation constituencies on preservation issues.
  • Regularly communicates with historic preservation advocates about critical issues and legislation before the General Assembly.
  • Provides GaPA members with information on national preservation issues with news from the National Trust and Preservation Action, the national lobbying arm for historic preservation.

The Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation has coordinated GaPA since its founding, providing staff to administer the group; maintaining a presence and tracking legislation at the State Capitol during the General Assembly sessions; and ensuring communication among GaPA members.

GaPA has played a significant role in many of the hard-won legislative advances for preservation in Georgia including the creation of the Georgia Heritage 2000 grant program, property tax incentives for historic buildings, the creation of the Georgia Register of Historic Places, and the inclusion of preservation concerns in the Georgia Comprehensive Planning Act and the Georgia Environmental Policy Act.

For more information, please call Georgians for Preservation Action at 404-885-7817.

Overview of The Georgia Trust/GaPA State Advocacy Efforts

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GaPA Membership in the Electronic Network is now FREE!
Communication will now primarily be via email.

You may join the Georgians for Preservation Action now by printing this form and mailing it to The Georgia Trust.

Please print out the following form, fill it out and return to GaPA through one of the methods below.

YES! I support the development of state laws, programs and policies that promote the preservation of Georgia's historic resources.

Name _______________________________
Address _______________________________
City _______________________________
State ___________Zip ___________
Home phone _______________________________ _______________________________
Email _______________________________
Fax _______________________________

_____ I would also like to make a contribution to GaPA to help underwrite the Georgia Trust's costs of advocacy mailings, research, Lobby Day, and the Legislative Reception. If you are able, we ask you to include a contribution and become a friend, sponsor or patron of GaPA (Please make checks payable to The Georgia Trust.)

______ I am enclosing $50 to be listed as a GaPA Friend.
______ I am enclosing $100 to be listed as a GaPA Sponsor.
______ I am enclosing $250 to be listed as a GaPA Patron.
______ I am enclosing $____________ .

Please return this completed form to:
The Georgia Trust
c/o GaPA
1516 Peachtree Street, NW
Atlanta, GA 30309

Or fax to The Georgia Trust at 404-875-2205

Thank you for your participation!

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