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Unity Schoolhouse

Unity Schoolhouse
375 Unity Rd.
Roopville, GA 30170
c. 1924

Price: $53,000
Approximate square footage: 1,584
Land: +/- 1 acre


Kate Ryan
Director of Preservation


Unity Schoolhouse

This charming two-room schoolhouse was built in 1924 to serve the community of Roosterville and its surrounding area. A 7,000 sqft brick building was built in 1938 on the property, at which point the wooden schoolhouse served as a lunchroom. The building was used sparsely after 1954, when a new brick lunchroom building was built. All three school buildings were decommissioned by the county and sold in the 1980s.

The woodframe schoolhouse features two large rooms, each roughly 22' x 36'. Both rooms have coatclosets, which run the width of the front wall, on either side of a front door. A small kitchen area, including two sinks and a waterheater, was added to the rear of the right room.

The schoolhouse retains much of its original material, including 6-over-6 windows, hardwood floors, wainscoting and plaster walls. The current owner recently added a new metal roof and has made repairs to the floors. The one acre lot includes an orchard with 20 fruit trees and a grape arbor. Adjacent property is also available.



About The Georgia Trust Revolving Fund program

The Georgia Trust is a non-profit statewide preservation organization, part of a network of local, state and national organizations dedicated to the preservation of significant historic resources. The Revolving Fund Program was established to provide effective alternatives to demolition or neglect of architecturally and historically significant properties by promoting their rehabilitation and monitoring their preservation in perpetuity.

A buyer of a Revolving Fund property must sign a Reserved Conservation Easement and Preservation Agreement. The easement, which ensures the historic integrity of the property is retained, is attached to the deed in perpetuity and is monitored by The Georgia Trust. The preservation agreement specifies that all work done to the property must follow the Secretary of the Interior's Standards for Rehabilitation, and provides a rehabilitation schedule that indicates all work will be completed in a reasonable amount of time.






















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