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The purpose of the Georgia Historic Preservation Handbook is to provide a comprehensive resource for the state of Georgia that promotes historic preservation practice by defining the roles of various federal, state and local organizations, outlining guidelines and regulations, providing professional practice information and creating a directory of historic preservation partners.

We believe this handbook will:

  • Provide an introduction to preservation in Georgia and answer many frequently asked questions
  • Distinguish the roles and responsibilities of statewide and local organizations while building relationships between preservation organizations throughout Georgia
  • Provide up-to-date information for the benefit of cities, organizations, preservation professionals, students and homeowners
  • Broaden the impact of historic preservation efforts across the state

About the Georgia Historic Preservation Handbook
The Fox Theatre Institute (FTI), an Atlanta-based outreach program created by The Fox Theatre, launched the Georgia Historic Preservation Handbook, a collaborative effort between the Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation and the Department of Natural Resources, Historic Preservation Division, to provide a current, comprehensive resource to promote the understanding and practice of historic preservation in Georgia. The handbook is available to anyone - from the average citizen to the advanced professional - who is looking to educate themselves on historic preservation.



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