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When are The Georgia Trust’s Preservation Awards given?
They are given every year at the Trust’s Preservation Awards Ceremony, held during the weekend of the Trust's Spring Ramble.

When will I be notified if my project received an award?
All nominators and award recipients will be notified approximately one month prior to the Preservation Awards Ceremony. All are welcome to attend the Preservation Awards Ceremony which will be part of The Georgia Trust's Spring Ramble.

What types of awards are given by the Trust?

The Georgia Trust’s Preservation Awards Committee reviews projects in the categories of Restoration, Rehabilitation, Sustainable Rehabilitation, Preservation, Stewardship and Preservation Service. The Committee then makes recommendations to the Trust’s Board of Trustees. The Georgia Trust may also present the Camille W. Yow Volunteer of the Year Award, the Mary Gregory Jewett Award and the Marguerite Williams Award. These awards are selected by the officers of The Georgia Trust Board of Trustees and may not be presented annually.

How are the award-winners chosen?
The Awards Committee of The Georgia Trust bases its decisions on the contributions of the person or project to the community and/or state and on the project’s compliance with the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties.

My project was completed more than three years ago. Is it still eligible?
No, we like to highlight current preservation projects, so only those three years old and newer are eligible.

I don’t have a historical photo of my building—can I still apply for an award?
Yes. Although we like to have historical photos, many times they are just not available. Please submit your nomination form regardless of whether or not you have an old photo of the building (“old” meaning 50 years or older).



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