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Friends of the Vann House
Chatsworth, Murray County

The Whitfield-Murray Historical Society was organized nearly 60 years ago for the express purpose of saving the historic Chief Vann House in Spring Place, Georgia. The Historical Society worked closely with the Georgia Historical Commission to purchase, restore, and operate the site into the 1970s. In 1989, the Historical Society, now headquartered in Dalton, organized a special auxiliary called the Friends of the Vann House to renew that support and to bring together all the entities with interest in this “Showplace of the Cherokee Nation” which is operated by the Parks and Historic Sites Division of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources. Friends of the Van House was the very first group within the State Parks and Historic Sites system.

Since that time, the Friends of the Vann House, has served as the main advocacy and support group for the Vann House. The group has over 400 members including local residents, descendants of the Vann family, family members of other owners and occupants of the house, Cherokee scholars, Moravian Archivists, Georgia historians and researchers, and other who just love the place. There are friends from Maine to California and from Florida to Washington State.

The Friends of the Vann House have been faithful stewards to this beloved site and they are the largest and most active Friends group of any state property. This important work is accomplished through annual memberships, private donations, sales, and fundraisers. The Friends have also established an endowment fund which is approaching $100,000 to provide funding for major projects to enhance the site.






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