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Historic Preservation and Smart Growth: Putting the Pieces Together

Smart or quality growth incorporates concepts such as alternative transportation options, more parks and pathways, and walkable, close-knit neighborhoods to expand and revitalize cities and towns across the nation. Benefits of smart growth include spending fewer hours in traffic and having more opportunities to enjoy green space; creating housing that is both affordable and close to jobs and activities; encouraging healthy cities, towns and suburbs; and providing air and water of the highest quality.

According to Smart Growth America, a coalition of nearly 100 advocacy organizations that have a stake in how metropolitan expansion affects our environment, quality of life and economic sustainability, many of the most impressive examples of revitalization around the country, whether urban downtowns or rural Main Streets, have had the preservation of historic architecture and character at their core.

Several organizations are working to encourage smart growth initiatives in Georgia, including Georgia Quality Growth Partnership (GQGP), Smart Growth Network, and Smart Growth America, all of which have resources to learn more about smart growth initiatives.

What is Smart Growth?

More on how preservation and revitalization work in tandem with smart growth initiatives.



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