The Georgia Trust

10 Ways to Help Save Georgia's Places in Peril

ATTEND the Places in Peril announcement and reception at Rhodes Hall to show your support and learn more about the Places in Peril program.

WRITE letters and emails to your city officials describing the problem and offering solutions. Copy local news media.

VOLUNTEER your time, attend workdays organized by the Georgia Trust at Places in Peril sites. Enlist the help of civic organizations looking for community projects or a local preservation group.

SPREAD THE WORD. Create a facebook page or website where information can be easily and quickly distributed to the public. Share it with everyone you know and keep everyone informed of ongoing changes in the property's status and/or efforts to preserve it.

DISTRIBUTE a petition to protect the property. Forward the signed petition to local officials.

REPORT on the site yourself or ask a local columnist, television or radio personality to do so. The news media won't cover every new development, but steady contact will ensure they won't let it fall off their radar, either.

ORGANIZE supporters. Local businesses and residents can be valuable allies, organize protests and meetings to foster discussion of alternatives for preservation.

WORK with or form a local historic preservation organization.

SUPPORT revitalization efforts by becoming a member of and donating to the Georgia Trust or your local preservation group.

SHARE the Places in Peril information with everyone you know.



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