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Educational Programs for School Groups
During the school year, the National Historic Landmark Hay House offers the following programs for public and private school groups:

Hay House To-Go
Can't take a field trip? Hay House can now be boxed up and brought to you! Packed full of artifacts, interpretive materials, colorful visuals and activities, suitcase exhibits contain detailed lesson plans that connect to Georgia Performance Standards. Most suitcases can be tailored to grades K-8. Suitcases are limited and available only on a first-come, first-served basis. Reservations must be made three weeks in advance. Some fees apply.

Building Blocks • K–5th grades
Students explore Hay House, a National Historic Landmark renowned for its architecture and technology. K-2 students learn about architecture by hunting for basic shapes throughout the house. Older students study the building to discover specific techniques used by the architects. The program concludes with an age-appropriate activity, such as 3-D model building or painting with shapes.

Paint, Plaster & the Palace • 3rd–5th grades
Add another dimension to arts education by examining the architecture and fine and decorative art collections of Hay House through a special tour and hands-on activities. Students consider these art and design principles: shape, form, color, line, pattern, texture and balance.

I Spy: Art Smarts • K–2nd grades
Students are challenged to “spy” lines, shapes, colors, and patterns amongst designs and decorative elements as they tour the richly decorated Hay House. After their tour, students complete a complementary art activity.

I Spy: History & Mystery • 3rd–5th grades
Students are challenged to “spy” objects relating to the history of the house. The emphasis is on 19th and early 20th century time periods. Post tour, students become “artifact detectives” in hands-on encounters with century-old artifacts.

Invisible Hands • 5th–8th grades
This experiential tour and its accompanying activities focus on the lives and work of the slaves and servants who worked in the 18,000-square-foot Hay House mansion during the more than 100 years it was a private residence.

Portraits of the Palace • 2nd–8th grades
Students explore the history of Hay House from a unique perspective: analysis of portraits in the Hay House collection. Students discuss the significance of portraiture. After the tour, students make their very own creative portraits.

Our Old House – 9th - 12th grades
Original floor plans, documents and maps help students trace changes in the house over time. The tour focuses on technology, decoration, architectural style and restoration.

Tales from Christmas Past • K–5th grades
Victorian family Christmas customs and traditional decorations are the highlights of this tour. Students also get to make their own Victorian-style Christmas ornament. Available only during the holiday season; cost is $4.00/student.

Especially for Homeschoolers
Hay House strives to meet the needs of homeschool students. The programs listed above are always available, but Hay House also offers specialized programs for homeschool audiences:

  • Arch-i-Tech-tives combines an interactive tour of Hay House with hands-on activities highlighting the architecture of the house.
  • A Social Invitation focuses on students’ understanding of 19th-century customs and family life with special attention to the etiquette of social calls and dining.
  • Town & Country provides a comparative analysis of life in 1850s-1860s Macon and its surrounding rural areas.

Reservation Information for School Groups
Scheduling School Programs:
Reservations are required for all school programs. Programs are offered Monday through Friday, 9:30 – 2:00 p.m. All programs last approximately 1 1/2 to 2 hours. Please call at least three weeks in advance. No school groups are scheduled during the Cherry Blossom Festival in late March.

$4 per student unless otherwise noted; free for teacher/group leader and bus driver; additional adults are $7 each. Limited admission and transportation support is available through the India Benton Lesser Foundation for public schools.

Group Size:
To ensure a good learning environment, group sizes are limited. Larger groups may be divided and rotated among several activities.

One adult is required for every ten students. These adults are admitted free. Additional adults are charged at the group rate of $7.00/person.

Special Needs:
At the time you make your reservation, please alert museum staff to special needs of students so that we can provide the best possible experience for each student.

Museum Store Kid's Kart:
In lieu of a visit to the Hay House Museum Store, our staff has prepared a cart full of kid-friendly items (all $5.00 or less) to be stationed in the Rear Hall or outside of the activity room. The Kid's Kart is available upon request.

For further information or to receive a free brochure about Hay House's educational programs, please contact:
William Aultman
Hay House
934 Georgia Ave. Macon, Georgia 31201
FAX: 478-745-4277




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